Clip in Hair Fringe

Clip in Hair Fringe

Hair Braiding is the science of attaching hair to the scalp by braiding in human hair or synthetic hair. In recent years, as more stars and celebrities have begun to experiment with new hairstyles, hair braids have become very popular. The hair is braided to the BOB SUNKISS HIGHLIGHT WIG root area of your hair so that it falls naturally with your hair. If you are considering adding a braid to your natural hair, it will be very important to explore your options and understand the different effects that certain hairstyles can have on your natural locks.

A fringe makes a bold statement and brings structure to a hairstyle. It’s the smart option when you want an image change without the risk factor involved in a total restyle.

Men’s HairPieces

A toupee is a hairpiece or partial wig of natural or synthetic hair worn to cover partially exposed scalp. While toupees are typically associated with male wearers, some women also use it to lengthen existing hair or cover partially exposed scalp. Just put glue or double sided tape underneath the toupee and place it on the exposed area. Some of our toupees come with long hair so you can cut and create the style you want.

Wear natural fibres against your wig

It is a little known fact that acrylic fibres can fray quite easily if they are subject to friction or rubbing – particularly if the fibres rub against manmade fibres. If you wear a long wig – or you tend to cover your hair regularly – always opt for natural fibres like cotton or silk regarding your top or scarf or hood etc to protect hair and preventing splitting/fraying.

Never sleep in your wig

Despite the fact that the quality of manufacturing wigs has risen significantly, no wig is robust enough to withstand constant wear and tear – which is what happens if you sleep in your wig.

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