Speak with prospective repair

Speak with prospective repair providers about their experience, skill level, and their approach to maintenance. You want to find out if a repairperson from the company would be Passenger Lifts  sent out to do the work in your building, or if the lift provider outsources all of their repairs.

You can make contact with the provider who installed the system to find out if they can do the repairs for you. If they do not have repair people, you can choose another lift service.


The design of accessible public transport can differ greatly from the design of private vehicles for mobility challenged users. This is because public transport vehicles need to be able to carry passengers of all different abilities, from fully able passengers, to elderly passengers requiring a seat, blind passengers with guide dogs or alone, mothers with pram and wheelchair users. The wheelchair lifts fitted on buses therefore need to be compact and efficient to give all passengers enough room to feel comfortable.

While most public buses in use can easily accommodate a mobility challenged passenger, there are some public vehicles in use that have been optimised for seating multiple special needs passengers, with the addition of a cleverly designed wheelchair lift. These buses often feature an alternate entry point for mobility challenged users, allowing them an easy access and exit from the vehicle, ensuring that there is no congestion of passengers.

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