Kidney removal surgery

Springs and Walls became good friends during Walls’ first training camp with the Cowboys. They played together just for four years, but their friendship continued. Their wives and donate a kidney children also became close friends and this further strengthened their friendship.

They wanted to keep the transplant quiet until it happened, but the news was given by Shawn, Springs’ oldest son, in December 2006. Shawn plays for the Washington Redskins as cornerback, Walls’ old position.

Kidney removal surgery, which is called a nephrectomy by doctors, is necessary for a number of different reasons. The most common is kidney failure, which simply means a kidney has become diseased and damaged so badly that it no longer functions. Kidney failure is also called renal failure, renal insufficiency or kidney insufficiency.

A severe kidney infection will sometimes impair or destroy kidney function to a degree that kidney removal surgery is necessary. There two types of kidney infections: acute and chronic. Acute infections happen fast, present severe symptoms, and then go away. An acute kidney infection is frequently the result of germs that get into the bladder and then migrate upward through the ureters into the kidneys.

A chronic kidney infection, on the other hand, develops over many years and grows steadily worse. Unfortunately, there are no early warning signs and someone who has a chronic kidney infection usually doesn’t know it until there has been serious damage and function has been greatly impaired. If this type of infection isn’t treated, it can lead to total kidney failure, requiring a transplant or a lifetime of dialysis.

The other typical seasons for removing a kidney include

kidney cancer
a serious injury or trauma to the kidneys
birth defects
There may also be instances when an individual donates a kidney to someone who needs a kidney transplant.

Kidney removal surgery is a major procedure and is done under general anesthesia. Currently there are three basic types of kidney removal surgery:

A simple nephrectomy is the removal of the kidney itself. A partial nephrectomy involves removing only a section of diseased or damaged kidney but leaving the rest in place. Partial nephrectomies are often performed when the patient has a cancerous tumor.

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