CAD Design and On-Site Engineering Support

{Outsourcing manufacturing is a high priority for today’s businesses in the West, with significant benefits in terms of both direct and indirect costs. These benefits can be further improved by ensuring that the facilities to enhance, alter or reverse engineer products are available local to your new manufacturing capacity and working in the local language.|On site engineering support is becoming more and more common as a requirement for outsourcers looking to maximise their returns from their overseas investment. Clients relying on an individual source, such as the factory partner, can bring significant risks to the production process as the client company may find itself constrained by the abilities of the partner’s design capacity, particularly when the partner is serving multiple clients.|It is a sensible policy to look for additional partnership support from a company specialising in working with multiple factories locally providing both¬† dnails¬† CAD and on-site oversight to bring the level of confidence your customers demand.|That partner should be able to assist throughout the production and tooling process with any requirements specified and in particular demonstrate expertise with;|CAD|Tooling|Prototyping|Mechanical Engineering|Production Support|They should also be able to demonstrate experience of marrying up a large network of engineering professionals not just in the local market (where it is possible that specific skill sets are under-represented or non-existent) but in the wider international market place too.|Your chosen partner for this should understand the local business culture, communicate in the language of that business and demonstrate a high-level of competence and experience achieving results in manufacturing for customers with complex requirements in multiple market places.|It should be easy to obtain references from current clients who should testify to your partner’s competence in:|Reverse engineering – both whole products and parts of products based on samples|CAD – determining the accuracy and consistency of locally produced design work|Verification – successfully shown to be able to demonstrate the viability of any manufacturing undertaking in the desired location/territory|Hands on experience – a track record of assisting in tooling, prototyping in production support|You should work with that partner to provide specific end results that ensure your outsourced manufacturing is working to deliver the best possible returns for your investment.|Learn more about CHINA ENGINEERING SUPPORT Click here!}

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