Information About Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

{CAD is an acronym for Computer-aided design, which uses computer in designing an object, creating a construction plan, drafting a drawing and many other special effects. CAD doesn’t only involve creating shapes but involves more technical and detailed drawings. The product of CAD design produces a detailed output. CAD is usually used to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) object and with specific details added.|CAD is widely used in different application, this includes architectural and industrial design, aerospace and automotive industries, construction and building industries and many others that is sometimes can be beyond our imagination. To create a special effects, and technical layouts and manuals in movies and advertisement, computer animation with the aid of CAD is very much used techniques. In architectural and construction industries, CAD is used to create a drafting design of houses and buildings and other commercial and industrial establishments.|CAD is used to create detailed engineering layout, design and drawing of the physical structure of a certain object or product. CAD allows the designer or artist to create and layout their design on screen, save it for future reference and editing and can be printed out to create a blue print and to produce a hard copy of a certain project.|Software packages ranges from 2D, 3D and surface modelers. CAD software is usually compatible for all major operating system. Some CAD software is made specifically for a certain platform, like AutoCAD which only works in Windows operating system only. Some other CAD software also has hardware compatibility issue. Some requires large amount or memory, huge hard drive space and higher video card resolution.|The interface used to create a CAD design is usually a mouse, digitizing tablet and pen and a spaceball. Some other uses stereoscopic glasses to view the three-dimensional design of the object.}

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