Hair Growth Shampoo – The Answer to Longer Hair?

Hair grows differently from one person to another. But the rate of hair growth can be supercharged if only people know to how to properly care for their mane and use the right products.

Using a shampoo is important in cleaning the hair. Today, though, there are specially formulated shampoos that not only clean but promote hair growth as well. Many brands are in the market nowadays but what matters most is being able to pick the one that suits your hair type.

The attitude should not be to just try out the most popular or most expensive shampoo because in the end, you still might not get the results you want. However, if you choose the one that fits your hair type, you will have a greater chance of keeping your mane healthy and even boosting its growth.

Mild and gentle shampoos are the most ideal to use. This is especially highly recommended for people experiencing hair loss so as not to damage their hair and scalp any further.

Organic shampoo. This type has less chemicals that are commonly used in the traditional man-made shampoos. They’re known as organic because they only use natural ingredients that can properly nourish the hair and make it grow faster. These products from nature include some of the famous herbs.

Chamomile – known as a hair tonic, this helps in keeping the hair shiny and strengthening it to prevent split ends.
Thyme – this is helpful in nourishing the scalp and preventing dandruff.
Rosemary – stimulates the hair follicles to promote proper hair growth and helps prevent dandruff as well.
Lavender – cleans and soothes the scalp as well as gives a nice smell.
Aloe vera – this helps nourish the scalp and promotes hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties as well.
Jojoba – removes blockages from the follicles and hastens hair growth.
Soy protein – boosts hair growth and improves volume.
Conventional shampoos. People who want to improve the health of their hair have various brands of the traditional hair growth shampoos to choose from today. Most come in a shampoo and conditioner tandem and claim to have hair vitamins to help the hair keep its natural health.
Grow shampoo and conditioner – this claims  Organic Shampoo UK to supercharge hair growth by as much as 45 percent when used with the entire Hair Formula 37 program. It contains amino acids and botanicals to help hasten hair growth.
Boost shampoo and conditioner – this nourishes the roots of the hair to make them grow properly and healthy. It also contains vitamins to stimulate hair growth.
Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner – originally formulated for use in horses, this has become very popular among humans today. It not only help hair grow healthier but strengthens it and gives it a unique shine. This brand contains moisturizers and emollients for gentle cleansing and nourishing.
Now you have two options when using hair growth shampoos. Which should you go for then – the organic or conventional? The choice is yours so long as you know your hair’s condition and you’ve consulted a hair professional.

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