Here we are able to talk mixers, water heaters, ceramic bathroom fittings and and so on.

Bathroom and rest room officially speakme is a toilet unit. A space it takes makes best 6-eight% of the general flat region, but considering its importance it’s miles out of competition. It is possible to assume an condo without any room or even without a kitchen (there is no kitchen as such in “studios”, it’s miles joined with the dwelling room), however it’s far pretty not possible to assume an apartment with out a bathroom unit. Major maintenance of a bathroom unit is technically pretty a tough project, it isn’t a shaggy dog story. You should go away this paintings only for especially skilled experts.

At first, if a high-quality of mounting and finishing works may be checked by way of all and sundry (as an example, a wall is curved, a window or a door does not near, or tiles are put kind of), then a exceptional of plumbing mounting, sewage and electrical systems you can’t take a look at.

And secondly, because of terrible work your neighbours can be flooded, constantly clogged sewage device, short circuit failure inside the electric powered wiring because of the contact with water and other extreme issues.

We have already written a lot about flooring, ceilings and walls, therefore I will remind you in brief that each one the substances should be water proof, and there ought to be damp proofing on the ground. It is likewise very important to examine the geometry of your bathroom; otherwise it’ll be tough to place tiles and to location sanitary gadget in a proper manner.

Electric wiring and electrical gadget.

A rest room and a bathroom impose the special necessities on the entirety that is associated with power. An electrical device, utilized in a humid room, must have grounding, wiring must be 3-wire (phase, 0, floor). Lamps, wall stores, switches are used with the diploma of protection.

Water supply and sewage system.

Steel, copper, metallic-polymeric and polypropylene pipes are used for decent and bloodless water deliver. PVC pipes are used for the sewage gadget. Water is cut off by means of ball forestall valves. If plumbing specialist makes use of screw-thread connections, it’s far important not to brick them up in a wall to have an access to them. The welded connections of metal pipes have to be grounded to keep away from corrosion. It is vital to position pre-filters on all water-pipes to avoid damages of pricey sanitary gadget. It is better to set filters with drainage, as it facilitates their provider.

While connecting towel dryer “infantile” mistakes is the incorrect deliver of warm water. If sanitary technician says that it’s far impossible to supply hot water to a towel dryer, agree with him and set an electric powered towel dryer. Sewage-pipes are established with a slope of about five% and if feasible avoid corners of ninety°. I strongly advise buying all the pipes and sanitary engineering armature only of the known producers and preferably inside the specialised stores. Revisory get admission to holes for the maintenance of plumbing-sewage system need to not be too little, in any other case their reason is misplaced and in case of some issues it is going to be necessary to interrupt the partitions. All of those are simple moments of plumbing and sewage machine mounting, and in fashionable all of this must be the business of your sanitary technicians.

Let’s talk ventilation.

It is compulsory to mount drawing ventilation. What ought to be taken into consideration when shopping for a ventilator? First of all it is its electricity, it should correspond to the dimensions of a room, and 2nd it’s miles its noise (measured in decibels). Both descriptions are targeted on a ventilator.

Sanitary engineering gadget. Here we are able to talk mixers, water heaters, ceramic bathroom fittings and and so on.

For a bath and a tub be aware of the fashions with a thermostat. There are two regulators in them. One regulates a temperature, and another regulates water stress. To my mind, it’s far relatively handy.

Pay interest to lavatories flushing systems, which might be wall mounted, and wall toilet sinks for them.

Electric water warmers.

They are divided into going for walks and garage. Running water warmers are smaller, however are more powerful, than garage ones. It can reach 16 kW. Having a number of different electric powered gadgets in an condominium can create heavy load for your electric powered gadget.

Whether to have a spa or not – I will not recommend something, due to the fact a great bathtub is a very expensive thing and it’s as much as you to decide, whether or not to pay £a thousand-£3000 for it. I will best let you know, that connection of a spa does not differ from everyday bathtub connection. I hope that these facts will help you for the duration of repair works, when shopping for materials and dealing with developers.

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