Best Rifle Scope Brands for the Money Asked: Comprehensive Review

Once in a while I review different ratings of rifle scope brands and usually see some information that isn’t exactly accurate. Because most of the companies offer different levels of quality within their models it is almost impossible to find out best brands just by products quality. It can vary inside of one brand. Such type of segmentation makes sense, but often complicates the situation for consumers. Many of them do not even know craigslist sacramento  how the quality of the rifle scopes can differ between two product lines of the same manufacturer (brand).

In this article we will find out best rifle scope brands (note that I say brand vs. manufacturer, because one manufacturer can own a few brands) using following subjective criteria:

Quality: of course it is a complicated task, but I assume that good brand offer good quality in its price range. At this time I am not going to review various futures of rifle scopes. I will review the available futures.

Technical innovations: it will vary depending on price range. I do not expect to see many innovations in the cheaper products. There is nothing bad in manufacturing just reliable rifle scope, but I still would like to highlight the creative design solutions.

Money Asked: here I will evaluate how well the price matches the quality, as well as what is the best rifle scope for your money.

Products variety: this is one of the simplest criteria for analysis. I do not hope that every brand will cover every price range (and they don’t have to), but I should note that some brands cover a wider market than others.

Marketing: this is the most difficult criteria for me to evaluate. Some of you will be surprised by my definition of the marketing, but any way I will follow it. It is my personal evaluation of how well the trade mark is managed, how successful are the marketing efforts and how well the company performs the promises given by the marketing department. In some cases this is rather evaluation of how well companies manage to crate good image of the product. For example I do not like “Counter Strike” brand, but it is still on the market just because of marketing efforts. As you can see some brands are popular not because of good products, but thanks to good marketing efforts and I would like to show them to you.

Customer Service: I will consider my personal experience as well as testimonials of other people.

All criteria rate from 1 to 5, so you can see total points that every brand will get. Also I will try to update all data every year.

You will notice that in the column “total” the score varies from 6 to 30. The higher scores are better. I understand it is not the best way to rank brands by the score, so brands are not sorted depending on overall result. Brands are sorted alphabetically. And again – this is just my personal opinion which is subjective.



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